The Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing


On August 6, 2020, Hiroshima University held the first of four seminars as a webinar in its new advanced science seminar series on the theme of "Developing a Future Society with Genome Editing."

In the first seminar, Associate Professor Tatsuo Miyamoto, Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, Hiroshima University, delivered a lecture titled "Genome-Editing Technology for Understanding and Curing Disease."
This lecture began with the fundamentals of genome editing, and introduced specific examples of medical applications of genome-editing technology, also mentioning related ethical issues and the necessity of regulations on the technology's use. Moreover, Dr. Miyamoto also gave a clear explanation of the current progress of research on treatment and prevention of COVID-19 with genome-editing technology.

In Hiroshima University's advanced science seminar series "Developing a Future Society with Genome Editing," speakers mainly from among Hiroshima University faculty members in charge of the Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing (selected as a Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) introduce efforts related to genome-editing technology- one of Hiroshima University's strengths, and give clear explanations on the present status and future of the technology. The series is planned to comprise four seminars. Details about the next and subsequent seminars will be given on the website of the Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing and through other media. We look forward to many people attending the seminars.

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