The Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing


The third meeting was held on September 28, 2022, under the theme of "Exchanges across disciplines and universities between the two Doctoral Programs for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE Programs)," continuing from the previous academic year. At the meeting, our students interacted online with students enrolled in the WISE Program for Nano-Precision Medicine, Science, and Technology at Kanazawa University. The meeting was attended by approximately 60 students and faculty members from both programs. After the explanation of each program, a representative student from each program made a presentation. In the latter half of the meeting, the participants interacted with each other in small groups in a friendly atmosphere. In each group, the students introduced themselves using slides and discussed several subjects, including each other's research projects, possible career paths, and the good points of the WISE Programs. The meeting provided the students with an inspiring opportunity to engage in exchange.

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*The Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing has been offering social meetings for students enrolled in the program, aiming to provide the opportunity for students, teaching staff, individuals from participating businesses, and the like to meet and mingle with each other, help them share information related to the program and widen their knowledge and horizons, increase students' motivation, and help the participants build their network.