The Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing


On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the Citizens' Seminar 2022 was held online by the Frontier Development Program for Genome Editing, Hiroshima University, on the theme of the "Current Situation and Prospects of Genome Editing."
The aim of this seminar was to widely disseminate information regarding the research in the field of genome editing and share genome-editing-related information in the society to further stimulate the social acceptance of the technology. We invited Professor EZURA Hiroshi from the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, to the seminar to give a lecture entitled "Development of a Genome-Edited Tomato and its Social Implementation."
Dr. Ezura, an expert actively working at the forefront of the field of genome editing, talked about the background of the development of the world's first tomato with high GABA accumulation using genome editing technology and the road to social implementation. Following his lecture, the students enrolled in this program made presentations on their own research. The event was a useful opportunity for the students to deepen their research. With more than 80 participants, the seminar provided a valuable opportunity for several people to enrich their understanding of genome editing.